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Eurasian Magpie
Pica pica

Another bird with dichroic plumage. Shoulders, chest and belly are white. The rest of the body is black with violet-green metallic sheen.

It is a widespread species in the Northern Hemisphere. In Bulgaria the magpie breeds and winters. This bird inhabits settlements and their surroundings, parks, orchards, reedbeds, shelter, roadside and riparian zones. Half of a century ago they began to colonize cities and became numerous in them.

The massive spherical nests are situated on trees, poles, among the bushes and reeds. The female lays 3-10 eggs, which hatch within 20 days and the young stay in the nest for almost a month. Old magpie nests are used by some species of hawks and owls.

The magpie is an omnivorous bird, collecting various food waste inside or near the settlements. In the fields it feeds on mice, voles and insects, seeds and ripe fruit.
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