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Syrian woodpecker
Dendrocopos syriacus

Mediterranean species that until the late 19th century inhabited only Asia; in the 1890s penetrated in Bulgaria and today lives all over Central Europe.

It differs from other woodpecker species in that the black stripe on the neck connects the beak and shoulders without reaching the nape. Males have a red nape and females black. It nests in trees along streets, in yards, city parks and gardens, orchards, deciduous and rarely in mixed forests, shelterbelts and others.

The male carves alone the nesting hollow. After mid-April, the female lays 3-8 eggs that both birds incubate. The hatchlings can fly after 22-25 days. They feed on insects and larvae, small fruits, seeds, acorns, walnuts and others. The woodpecker can locate insects under the bark of trees on the sound they make, it then drills a hole and pulls out the insect with its long tongue.
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