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London planetree
Platanus × acerifolia

Also called hybrid plane, this species first appeared in England as a hybrid between American sycamore and oriental plane. It is superior in cold resistance and fast growth to the original two species.

The planetree leaves sway gently in the wind because they have a long (8 cm) stalk. The crown, viewed from the side, is powerful, wide stretched and majestic. The tree grows rapidly and can reach 50 m in height and up to 4 m diameter. The fruit has a spherical body (ball) composed of small seeds, equipped with long stiff hairs.

A distinguishing feature of this tree is the bark, which looks exfoliated, usually pale grey-green, peeling in different shaped tiles. When the bark is very old, it stops peeling and starts to crack.

The hybrid plane gained popularity as an ornamental tree in Europe and North America. In nature this species does not occur.
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