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Great tit
Parus major

The most widespread type of tit comes in the size of a sparrow. Chest and belly are yellow with a wide black stripe running from the throat and reaching the tail. The head and neck are black and the back is olive green. It is a widespread species in the northern hemisphere. Nests in tree hollows, rarely in rock cracks, cavities of buildings, lamp posts and others. It occupies birdhouses placed by humans. The breeding season begins when the weather begins to warm up. This species lays 8-10 white eggs with reddish dots, and then broods for about 13-14 days. At one month of age the young birds are independent and leave the areas where they were hatched. Adults continue their breeding cycle. The great tit is an insectivorous species. During winter, when there are no insects, it eats seeds and frequents bird feeders.
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