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Blue tit
Cyanistes caeruleus

This species can be distinguished by the white forehead and blue crown and nape. Cheeks are white, surrounded by a black border, connecting with the black throat. The back is green; wings and tail are blue, chest and abdomen - lemon. The mating song is a short trill. The bird often issues a sound like "chi-chi-tsirr". The blue tit inhabits parks, gardens, riverside plantation and forest edges. After mid-March it lays 7-12 eggs, which hatch in about two weeks. After another three weeks the young birds are already independent and leave the nest. They gather into groups and begin to wander. In cold winters with lots of snow, numerous flocks from the north come to Bulgaria. During this period, together with other species of tits often visit the settlements and bird feeders, put up by humans.
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