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Common pipistrelle
Pipistrellus pipistrellus

One of the smallest bat species in Europe. The colour of its back varies from bright to dark brown, as the bottom side is grey-brown.

In Bulgaria it can be seen in the valleys. The species inhabits open areas with single trees, rare woods, gardens, parks, towns and villages. It makes quick flights with frequent, sudden twists. The small bat begins to hunt at dusk, even in cold and rainy weather. It captures and eats insects in the air. The breeding colonies consist mostly of 20 to 100 females. Its summer and winter hideouts are under the bark of trees, holes, birdhouses, rock crevices, behind shutters, in the cracks between the panels under the shingles and others. The pipistrelle winters alone or in small groups of 10-20 individuals. Hibernating from October to March but sometimes it flies even in winter. When disturbed the bat pretends to be dead. The maximum life expectancy exceeds 16 years, but usually is about four years.
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