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Barn Swallow
Hirundo rustica

Plumage on the back of the barn swallow is entirely black. It has a white breast and belly, cinnamon-coloured throat and black neck with a clearly defined figuration. The most characteristic trait is the long tail in shape of a long fork.

Its nesting area covers the entire Northern Hemisphere. In our country it is widespread in the plains and in the mountains up to the highest parts. The species inhabits settlements and rarely rock missives.

The nest is cup-shaped and open on top, made of mud and straw. Often it is built inside farm buildings, warehouses, sheds, under bridges, in cave entrances and more. The barn swallow lays 3-7 eggs and can grow two generations a year. The incubation lasts 12-18 days and the young remain in the nest for another 16-24 days. The swallow spends much of its life flying. It feeds on flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, butterflies and others.
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