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Common Nightingale
Luscinia megarhynchos

The common nightingale is a small bird with a size of only 15-16 cm, the body is light brown with the exception of the tail, which has a rusty hue.

It is spread throughout almost the whole of Bulgaria except in the high mountains. To settle it needs a habitat with trees and shrubs, which is why it is common in city parks and gardens.

In spring, the male birds arrive first. They sing from the lower branches of shrubs, thus marking already occupied territories. The nest is cup-shaped, made of grass, roots, and lichens, covered with moss and feathers. At the end of April, the female lays 4-6 olive green eggs flecked with brown spots. The bird incubates them for 11-12 days, then after another 12 days the young leave the nest. The nightingale feeds on various insects, their larvae and other invertebrates.
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