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Hooded crow
Corvus cornix

Bird with dichroic plumage. Head, neck, anterior chest, wings and tail are black, and the rest - grey with dark fine touches.

It is distributed in Europe in the east to Enisey River. In Bulgaria the species inhabits plains and mountains, from sea level to alpine zone. About 40 years ago it began to spread and multiply in large cities.

The hooded crow lives in individual pairs on buildings and electric poles in the settlements, but most often the nests are situated in trees, built of twigs and grass stems. It lays 2-7 eggs, which hatch for 17-20 days. The young birds leave the nest at the age of 28-38 days. In August, the families unite in flocks and wander. Its diet consists of different food waste, carrion, mice, insects, eggs, small birds, seeds and fruit.
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